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9.Nov.2007 22:10
From: Laura S.
To: All
Hi Karen,

I was given a cassette of your work several years ago. It consisted of Christmas music and I instantly put it in my car cassette player as soon as I received it. I fell in love with the soothing music and well ... the rest is history! I have had it in the car ever since and listen to it just about every night on my way home from work. It wipes away the stress of the day and makes me feel so content and relaxed. Thank you so much for sharing your talent! God Bless. Laura
2.Nov.2007 15:00
From: Shirley Hughes
To: All
The harp music by Karen Svanoe Westgate is by far the most beautiful music ever created. I have all of her CDs and am looking forward to new ones in the future!
Mansfield, Ohio
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